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Leopoldstadt on Broadway
Leopoldstadt on Broadway Tickets

Leopoldstadt on Broadway Tickets

New York
14 Sep 2022 - 2 Jul 2023
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Leopoldstadt on Broadway Information

Tom Stoppard's Olivier-winning play, Leopoldstadt, is playing a limited Broadway engagement at the Longacre Theatre. Get Leopoldstadt tickets on New York Theatre Guide. Tickets to Leopoldstadt on Broadway are on sale now.

The Leopoldstadt play is named for the Jewish quarter of Vienna, Austria. The drama begins at the end of 1899 and ends in 1955, following multiple generations of one Jewish extended family that live through that period. The many family members (there's a 38-person cast, including some original London members and Broadway veterans) in the different generations all have different backgrounds, lived experiences, and depths of faith as Jews. But historical circumstances — including one of the darkest eras of human history — force them all to reckon with their identity. The play is at once a deep dive into Jewish history, a recognition of Jewish people's endurance, and one playwright's deeply personal declaration of his own heritage.

The family in Leopoldstadt is not directly based on Stoppard's own, but the play is loosely based on history he learned at a late stage of his life. The 85-year-old Stoppard only discovered he was fully Jewish in the 1990s, when a Czech relative of his contacted him and taught him about his mother's extended family, many of whom were killed in the Holocaust. This experience inspired Stoppard to write a play centered around Judaism, and critics have called Leopoldstadt his most "personal" and "intimate" work. He has also said Leopoldstadt is likely the last play he will ever write.

A Leopoldstadt review on London Theatre reads: "It is played and staged with a glowing warmth throughout, with lovely and loving ensemble character work on display across the board. This is a powerful, important new play from one of our greatest living playwrights that, should it prove to be his swansong, means he has gone out on a significant high, even as he dramatises a low point on world history."

The show differs in some ways from Stoppard's past plays, 16 of which have appeared on Broadway. Stoppard's shows often jump back and forth in time, but Leopoldstadt moves through time chronologically, making the different generations easier to follow. (Past productions have also included a family tree in the program as a guide.) There's also less showy intellectual banter in Leopoldstadt than his plays usually include, though there is plenty of political theory and historical context to help audiences understand the state of the world the characters are living in.

How long is Leopoldstadt?

Leopoldstadt runs approximately two hours. There is no intermission.

Who is Tom Stoppard?

Tom Stoppard is a British playwright, often regarded as one of the best living playwrights of today. Stoppard made his Broadway debut with Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead, which remains one of his most famous works, in 1967. Between that show and his most recent Broadway production — a revival of the Best Play-winning Travesties in 2018 — his works have won six Best Play Tony Awards. He's also won three Best New Play Olivier Awards for his London premieres, including Leopoldstadt, and he has Oscar, Golden Globe, and BAFTA Awards for writing the screenplay for Shakespeare in Love. In 1997, he was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II for his illustrious theatre career.

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Run time


Opening date

September 14th, 2022

Closing date

July 2nd, 2023


Opening Soon

Booking until

January 29th, 2023

Previews from

September 14th, 2022


Longacre Theatre


Recommended for 10 +. Children under the age of 4 are not permitted in the theatre.

Cast and creative

By: Tom Stoppard
Director: Patrick Marber
Cast list: Brandon Uranowitz, Seth Numrich, Caissie Levy, Jesse Aaronson, Betsy Aidem, Jenna Augen, Japhet Balaban, Corey Brill, Daniel Cantor, Faye Castelow, Erica Dasher, Eden Epstein, Gina Ferrall, Arty Froushan, Charlotte Graham, Jacqueline Jarrold, Sarah Killough, David Krumholtz, Caissie Levy, Colleen Litchfield, Tedra Millan, Aaron Neil, Anthony Rosenthal, Chris Stevens, Sara Topham, Dylan Wallach, Reese Bogin, Max Ryan Burach, Michael Deaner, Romy Fay, Pearl Scarlett Gold, Jaxon Cain Grundleger, Wesley Holloway, Ava Michele Hyl, Joshua Satine, Aaron Shuf, Drew Ryan Squire
Design: Richard Hudson
Lighting: Neil Austin
Costume: Brigitte Reiffenstuel
Sound: Adam Cork

Our review

In the opening tableau of Tom Stoppard's Leopoldstadt, a Jewish family, nearly 30 strong, assembles in a lavish sitting room and looks forward as if posing for a family portrait. A camera flashes. Haunting piano music plays. This moment dares us to remember — to sear these people, their multitude, their grandeur into our minds — before it's too late to salvage them from history. It is, indeed, a deeply personal dare from Stoppard himself, who never knew of his own Jewishness until his 50s, when...

Latest Leopoldstadt on Broadway News & Features

“Here’s a couple waving goodbye, but who are they? It’s like a second death, to lose your name in a family photo album.” A woman makes that haunting observation in Tom Stoppard’s Leopoldstadt, a drama that follows multiple generations of a Viennese Jewish family over half a century beginning in 1899. A tragic number of family members’ lives are indeed lost during those stormy 50 years scarred by two world wars and the Holocaust, and life-changing familial connections are found, if not recovered....

Tom Stoppard wasn’t always Tom Stoppard, six-time Tony Award winner. The renowned British playwright was actually born in Czechoslovakia as Tomáš Sträussler. He was Jewish, but after his family fled the Nazis, his mother changed his name. That story is fictionalized in Stoppard’s newest play, Leopoldstadt, currently running on Broadway. This show is Stoppard’s most personal work ever. And at 85 years old, Leopoldstadt is his 19th Broadway production (after hits such as Rosencrantz and...

Tom Stoppard's Leopoldstadt is a family drama spanning five decades, named for the district of Vienna, Austria that's been known for its Jewish population since the 17th century. Naturally, a show so epic in scope needs a cast to match. It's rare even for a Broadway mega-musical to have a huge cast nowadays, much less a play, but Leopoldstadt is a whopping 38 actors strong.Children and adults of all ages portray four generations of the extended Merz/Jacobovitz family. Some actors portray one...

Caissie Levy, Brandon Uranowitz

UPDATE: Matt Harrington and Calvin James Davis have joined the Leopoldstadt cast.The Broadway premiere of Tom Stoppard's Leopoldstadt has announced initial casting. The play, which premiered to acclaim in London, will begin Broadway performances September 14 at the Longacre Theatre.The ensemble cast includes three-time Tony Award nominee Brandon Uranowitz, Theatre World Award winner Seth Numrich, and Caissie Levy, who is currently starring in The Bedwetter off Broadway. Additional cast members...

The newest play by acclaimed playwright Tom Stoppard, Leopoldstadt, will premiere on Broadway in the fall after a successful premiere run in London. Performances begin at the Longacre Theatre on September 14 ahead of an October 2 opening night.Leopoldstadt is named for the Jewish quarter of Vienna, Austria, where the play's central family lives. Drawing on Stoppard's own family history, Leopoldstadt follows multiple generations of characters from 1899 to 1955 as they endure both love and...


Leopoldstadt, the newest play by six-time Tony winner Tom Stoppard, is eyeing a Broadway transfer ahead of its premiere run in London, according to a tweet from New York Times theatre reporter Michael Paulson.The tweet states that auditions are being held this month for a Broadway production of the show, set to go up next season.Leopoldstadt, a play that follow's a family's life in a Vienna, Austria Jewish community over 50 years, won the 2020 Olivier Award for Best New Play upon its premiere in...

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